Celebrating what God is doing in his Kingdom...

We believe Christian worship celebrates what God is doing in the world through Jesus Christ. No matter where you are, spiritually-skeptical, curious about Christianity, or a committed follower of Jesus Christ--worship points us to what we all need, Jesus.

If you are new to church, we hope our worship services will be a safe place for you to explore the historic Christian faith. Not from a distance, but from the inside. We are a church that seeks to engage the honest questions, doubts, and fears you may have about Jesus and Christianity. Perhaps your experience with church has been one of boredom, irrelevance, or hypocrisy. Or, perhaps you are not sure what to expect—Will I have to sing? Will I have to pray? Will I have to introduce myself? What sort of ritual will I be asked to participate in?

Our worship service meets Sundays at 9:30 am and last about 65-70 minutes. Worship includes music--both traditional and contemporary, prayers, Scripture readings, teaching, baptism--occasionally, and the Lord’s Supper--monthly. You will find each element of the service explained, and you will feel the freedom to participate at your own comfort level. Also, childcare is offered for families.

If you have been around church for some time, may our worship services be an opportunity for you to adore your Creator and Redeemer, engage with others in the community, consider the meaning of Jesus for your life, and bring your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to engage with your faith.