Coffee Break

A weekly women's Bible Study for the community | Tuesdays @ 9:30am from September through June

Coffee Break Bible Study is a place where people who have never opened a Bible—as well as those who have a lot of experience—can feel comfortable to share and to learn about God and what he desires for them.  Each session begins with a large-group presentation followed by small group study, sharing, and prayer.

All are welcome! Enjoy coffee and goodies! Make new friends! Come as you are!

When and where? Tuesdays, 9:30-11am at Pleasant Street.

What’s the charge? It’s free!

Coffee? Absolutely! There's plenty of coffee, tea, and goodies. (Also free!)

I don’t have a Bible! No problem. We have plenty.

I don’t know anything about the Bible! That’s OK. There are no tests. We all learn together.

I don’t go to church. No worries--there are no “entrance requirements”. Just come with an open mind.

Do I have to dress up? Come as you are. Be comfortable.

But I won’t know anybody! You’re only allowed to be a newcomer the first week. After that, we’re all friends.

What about my kids? Bring them! There’s loving care for your babies and toddlers through age five. Let us know the number and ages of children so that our loving childcare people will be ready.

More questions? Let us know. We’d be glad to help! Call Anna at 508-234-4902