Divorce Recovery

Divorce Care & Fresh Start Ministries

Divorce Care: This 13-week program begins in September and exists to help people--adults and children--recover from the hurt of separation or divorce in a safe and encouraging environment. Participants gather for refreshments and a time of connecting before watching an informative video based on the following topics: What’s Happening to Me? | The Road to Healing & Finding Help | Facing My Anger | Facing My Depression | Facing My Loneliness | What Does the Owner’s Manual Say? | New Relationships | Financial Survival | KidCare | Single Sexuality | Forgiveness | Reconciliation | Moving On, Growing Closer to God. A time of discussion and encouragement follows.

Divorce Care for Kids - DC4K: This 13-week program follows Divorce Care. Some children struggle deeply with the separation and divorce, while others seem to bounce back quickly. In the long run, all children are affected. DC4K will help minimize and eliminate the short- and long-term negative effects of divorce on your children’s schoolwork, emotional health and spiritual life. DC4K provides a safe, fun place where children: 1) Learn to understand their feelings; 2) Express their emotions appropriately; 3) Feel better about themselves; 4) Develop coping skills, and 5) Are introduced to biblical concepts that will bring comfort.

Fresh Start:  This is a 12-week program that begins in January. The trauma of divorce brings hurt and pain - as though our heart is breaking. For a while it seems that we can never put the pieces of our lives back together. Fresh Start exists to let people know that there is life after divorce. Our group and materials are designed to provide hope and new direction for broken lives.

Our leaders are Pastor Howard & Marlene DeVries who have participated in and benefited from both programs. The groups ordinarily meet Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30p.  Divorce Care 4 Kids (DC4K) is available for children. Both of these courses are Christian support groups that point to Christ and his Word. We have seen vitally renewed and changed lives from participants who have worked through these materials! Look around for new faces and give them your blessing and love.

For more information or if you need immediate assistance, please contact the church office at 508-234-5268  or call Pastor Howard at 508-282-9347.