Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior

GEMS Club seeks to equip girls to live radically faithful lives–doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God. Our purpose statement comes from a verse in the Bible: What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6:8

How do we work our purpose into our GEMS Club?

  • With emphasis on knowing God’s Word for our day
  • Learning skills and crafting in exploration of God’s gifting
  • Learning about God’s world so we can be better caretakers of it
  • Learning how to get along with one another
  • Being “others focused”

Who can participate?

  • Girls in grades 1 through 6; from within the congregation and other churches or community in the Blackstone Valley.
  • Counselors–adult women (one per small group) Assistant Counselors–adult women (one per small group)
  • CITs (Counselors in Training)–high school girls (one per small group)

What does a GEMS Club Night look like?

  • 5:30 - A hearty supper is served in the church fellowship hall (served till 6:15)
  • 6:30 - We begin as a large group for announcements and prayer.
  • 7:00 - We move to small groups working on badges, learning crafts and getting to know one another.
  • 8:00–Our evening together is over.

Do you observe any special nights?

  • Absolutely! Throughout the year, we celebrate several holidays with a big party. We also have a sleep-over. The girls enjoy special holiday crafts, snacks and games.

Is there a fee?

  • There is a non-refundable fee for the year.

Do we have to fundraise as a participating family?

  • GEMS has an annual poinsettia fundraiser that we hold in late November and early December in time for the Christmas holidays.
  • Our policy is to do as little other fundraising as possible–especially for ourselves.

When do we meet?

  • With some exceptions, GEMS Club meets every other Wednesday from September to May. For exact dates please contact our GEMS Club Leader Becky Bangma at lbkbang@charter.net

Check out more information on the GEMS Girls Club site!