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Whitinsville Serve

Serving Our Community

Whitinsville, Massachusetts, was once the home of the Whitin Machine Works – an internationally renowned maker of textile machinery. Part of the larger Blackstone River Valley, the area is known as the “Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution,” and has recently designated a National Historic Park!

However, you would not know this by walking along the rivers, mills, and housing that characterize this historic diamond in the rough. Neglected due to economic decline after the Whitin Machine Works closed, parts of town including waterways, potential parks, and historic landmarks are greatly in need of some TLC.

High School students from all across the country descended on Whitinsville every summer, in order to join in with what PSCRC is doing in the local community relationally while also lending some sweat equity to help restore hope, pride and beauty to one of our country’s newest National Parks while growing closer to the One who restores our lives.

For high school students/churchs looking to come to our SERVE: contact ThereforeGo (formerly Youth Unlimited) to get started!

Find us on Social Media: #WhitinServe, @WhitinServe