Our Mission

Why are we here?

Following Christ, we devote ourselves to living out God's transforming Story 

at Pleasant Street Christian Reformed Church and beyond.

We live out this mission by...

  • Worshipping - Celebrating what God is doing in his Kingdom
  • Caring - Coming alongside others to encourage, pray for, and support
  • Growing - Cultivating our faith to become more and more like Jesus
  • Serving - Contributing our talents and resources to be used in God’s Kingdom
  • Telling - Communicating the Gospel in everything we do and say

What inspires us to do this?

The Gospel :: It’s the good news that through Jesus Christ the power of God's Kingdom has entered history to renew the whole world. When we believe and rely on Jesus' work and record (rather than ours) for our relationship to God, that Kingdom power comes upon us and begins to work through us.

Changed People :: The Gospel changes people from the inside out. Jesus gives us a radically new identity, freeing us from both self-righteousness and self-condemnation. He liberates us to accept people we once excluded, and to break the bondage of things (even good things) that once drove us. In particular, the gospel makes us welcoming and respectful toward those who do not share our beliefs.

Passion for God :: The Gospel also inspires us to love God with everything we’ve got. It inspires us to live with a sense of wonder, delight, and astonishment in God, grounded in gratitude for the life and death of Jesus Christ and presently fueled by delight in our resurrection life through the Holy Spirit.

Community :: We cannot live a Gospel-centered life on our own. The gospel creates a new community which not only nurtures individuals but serves as a sign of God's coming kingdom. We grow when we nurture life-giving relationships in community.

Serving :: When someone really loves God and others, their life begins to change. Though we joyfully invite every person to faith in Jesus, we are committed to sacrificially serving our neighbors whether they believe as we do or not. We do this by using our gifts and resources for the needs of others, especially the poor. And more than merely meeting individual needs, we work for justice for the powerless.

Renewing :: We believe that the Gospel has a deep, vital, and healthy impact on everything in this world: the arts, business, government, media, and academy of any society. Therefore we are highly committed to support Christians' engagement with culture, helping them work with excellence, distinctiveness, and accountability in their professions.