To help steward God’s mission and ministry at Pleasant Street, we have a leadership structure that includes:

1) Leadership Council made up of the Sr. Pastor, Elders, and Deacons (elected for 3-year terms) who are responsible for the overall administration and governance of Pleasant Street’s mission and ministry. Their tasks call for believers who are Christlike, who are mature in the faith, and who exercise their offices with prayer, patience, and humility.

Elders  Protect and promote the vision of Pleasant Street and work directly with the pastoral staff in achieving the goals of the mission of the church. They conduct membership interviews, oversee worship, and participate in the pastoral care of our members. They can be best described as shepherds of the church. Our current elders are:  Weberton Figuerido '18, Scott Schneider '18, Brett Buma '18, Harry van der Meer '19, Steve Haringa '20, and Steve Stinson '20.

Deacons  Serve by confidentially helping people in and outside Pleasant Street in practical ways. Deacons serve the social, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual needs of those who are in crisis or in need of a little help. They provide financial assistance for rent, food, counseling and medical assistance, utilities, and other expenses. A great image for understanding the ministry of a deacon is that of a servant. Our current deacons are:  Les Bangma '18, Chris Epplett '18, Sue Cooper '19, John Hendrikse, '19, Leona van der Meer '19, Lillian Hackathorn '20, and David Eckbold '20.


2) Ministry Teams that lead particular ministries... 

Administrative  Stewards all of the human, financial, technological, legal, and facility resources that undergird Pleasant Street’s ministry and mission. They are responsible for maintaining an environment in which the local body of Christ can operate efficiently and effectively in building the body of Christ. They have the authority to act on all matters consistent within the budgets, policies, and goals approved by the Council.

Faith Promise  Oversees all of our wholistic missionary support. This team is made up of 5 members.

Ministry  Along with the ministry staff, discerns, oversees, and coordinates the ministries of Pleasant Street. They help create and implement Pleasant Street's ministry strategies, objectives, and goals.

Shepherding  Oversees the Care, Shepherding, Compassion, and Prayer ministries of Pleasant Street. They are faithful in visiting the church family, encouraging them in their spiritual walk with the Lord, and showing compassion toward those who are experiencing difficulties of various kinds. Made up of our pastors, 5 elders and 5 deacons.


3) Ministry Staff  Pastoral and professional ministry personnel (both paid and volunteer) that lead in key ministries.