Visiting With Children?

Visiting With Children?

Welcome! Here’s what we offer on Sunday mornings...

Nursery (Ages 0 - 36 month)

With large windows and ample toys, our nursery is an inviting place for infants and toddlers alike. The Nursery is staffed by the congregation on a rotating basis. Click here for more information about our nursery!

KidStreet (PreK - Grade 2)

We invite families to worship together at the beginning of our services. Then, after a time of worship, confession, and passing the peace to one another, children ages 4-2nd grade are dismissed to KidStreet downstairs so that they can engaged in Jesus' message specially tailored to them! More on KidStreet here!

Echo (Grades 3 - 5)

Young students in grades 3 through 5 are encouraged to remain in worship for the duration of the service, and learn, together with their parents, grandparents and siblings, what it means to engage with the church and gain instruction from God through listening and partaking in the sermon - including reading their Bibles and taking notes in their "Echo Journals". Immediately after the sermon on non-Lord's Supper Sundays, these students are then invited downtairs to process and apply the sermon in a 7-10 minute long group conversation with one of PSCRC's Elders.

Echo typically finishes at the same time the service concludes.

(Side note: We know this is unconventional -- however, we have been amazed to see how much students understand from the "adult" message, and gain from being part of the larger body of Christ early on in life!)

 Echo Journals

A few notes....

Kids through 2nd grade should be checked in at the welcome desk if they are participating in the nursery or classes downstairs. It is our top priority that your child remains safe and accounted for!

After the Service, please join us in the lobby for coffee or a cup of tea!  We’d love to connect with you. If you have children in any of our programs, please pick them up immediately after the service and then join us for refreshments.